WT3 15:30 Wurth Elektronic

15:30 - 16:15

Lots of SMPS blow up, some encounter EMC failures and several MCU glitches could be related to how well the capacitance is distributed on the circuit. They depend upon type, material and manufacturing. There’s also Q-factor, ESR, ESL, DF, Ripple current, Temperature rise, electrical stress, DC bias, and SRF. WE will discuss formulas, simulations and the best way to find the right capacitor, where the industry is heading Electrolytic, Polymer, MLCC, Hybrid, Film, SuperCap, and HChip or does size really matter? Come and join us to get full capacity out of your capacitors. 

During this session delegates will learn:
1. How to identify right capacitor using REDEXPERT
2. Formulas to anticipate life of a capacitor
3. Age enhancing techniques
4. More than just Farads and Voltage rating
5. Unwritten rules for success in electronics industry

Gopi Patel, Field Applications Engineer , Wurth Electronics