WT2 1130 Hamamatsu

11:30 - 12:15

Indium Arsenide Antimonite detectors provide an exciting new prospect for being able to detect gas species in various scenarios. However with any new technology, understanding how to properly implement it is necessary to be able to get the maximum value. We will highlight the flaws of looking at D* as a measure of sensitivity and instead focus on Signal to Noise Ratio.
We will focus on demystifying the electronic differences in this type of photo-voltaic detector technology. How it may be used in conjunction with different mid-infrared sources (LEDs and Quantum Cascade Lasers) and tips and tricks to maximise SNR.

During this session delegates will learn:

1. InAsSb Detectors, MIR LEDs and QCLs: Technology Overview

2. InAsSb Detectors, MIR LEDs and QCLs: Market comparison

3. The different operational modes of InAsSb. When to use which.

4. Why D* does not tell the full story and how to appreciate SNR

5. Tips and tricks to improve SNR with InAsSb Detectors.

Adnan Quazi, Sales Engineer, Hamamatsu Photonics