WT1 14:30 KD Feddersen

14:30 - 15:15

AKRO-PLASTIC has developed ways to incorporate dry, conditioned carbon fibre fabrics into a polymer melt which can be used to reduce weight of existing thermoplastic injection moulded parts (using existing mould tools), or through design optimization can be used to replace metal components.  This has been driven by the automotive industry where fuel economy and CO2 emissions targets have sparked real competition for light weight construction. OEMs and their suppliers invest significant sums to implement new ideas, as well as ideas that have yet to be realised, in lightweight design for large-scale production.

During this session delegates will learn:

1.That ICF (Carbon Fibre) Compounds can be used to reduce weight of injection moulded parts.

2.How Mechanical Properties of ICF compounds compare with Virgin Cabron Fibre and  Glass Fibre Reinforced Compounds

3.Case Studies of award winning applications where ICF Compounds have been used to reduce weight, or for inherent electrical conductive properties

4.Processing Recommendations for Injection Moulding,

5.That further weight reductions (50% total) are possible by combining ICF with “Lite-weight” Compounds and Processing Foaming Agents developed by AKRO Plastics.

Martyn Jocelyn, Area Sales Manager, K.D. Feddersen UK Ltd