WT3 14:30 Inelco Hunter/Fujitsu

14:30 - 15:15

Return on Investment in Smart Buildings, absolutely!

By analyzing work processes and implementing IoT accordingly, it is possible to minimize labor costs or improve effectiveness, lower carbon footprints and improve visitor/ patient/ staff well-being.

The UMC Utrecht hospital use case:
The Dutch University Hospital Utrecht has recently implemented Fujitsu’s IoT Connectivity Solution to improve work processes. This project aims at improving the quality of care by improving the availability and employability of medical equipment through Asset Management and to provide higher quality care.

Public buildings, office buildings, shopping centers etc. are changing their current lighting infrastructures to LED lighting. At the UMC Utrecht all LED lighting fixtures are configured as anchor nodes, and together form the mesh network, through which battery powered mobile tags communicate their positions. With Smart Lighting being mains-powered, lighting provides a very low latency network which enables the possibility to easily extend the amount of IoT applications that run on top of it.

This use case also covers the implementation of Sensors to monitor climate conditions and occupancy, smart buttons and Indoor Navigation and illustrates the necessity of scalable solutions.

During this session delegates will learn:

1. IoT implementation can provide RoI

2. What is possible by connecting solutions

Dennis van Doorn, Marketing Manager, Fujitsu Components