Time is the concept behind everything that MIKROE does: including dev boards, compilers and development environments. Through the use of low-cost development tools based on industry standards, engineers can save months of development time and huge amounts of investment. They can also free themselves from being limited to one particular microcontroller or peripheral set.

Neb Matic, CEO of MikroElektronika (MIKROE) will be speaking at this year's Engineering Design Show on the concept behind the SiBRAIN MCU standard that enables embedded designers to try out different MCUs in a prototype system without having to invest in expensive hardware or learn new tools. Find out more here


Ken Munro is a Partner at Pen Test Partners who are in essence ethical hackers. Pen Test Partners help to make security better for organisations.

Smart EV chargers bring plenty of benefits, but poor security oversight as resulted in multiple popular brands having major security flaws that allow a hacker to prevent charging, or worse.

Some public charging networks have also been shown to have flaws, potentially resulting in the destabilising of our power grids.

At this year's Engineering Design Show, Ken will review the security issues, how they happened and how to prevent similar problems from occurring in your smart products. Finally, we’ll review emerging legislation that makes cyber security mandatory in smart products in some markets. Find out more here.