If you want to win, ignore what your customers say they want, find out WHY they want it

19 October 2021 15:15 - 16:00

Those who have tried will know, you can’t ask customers what the next ‘transformational’ innovation needs to be. Asking them what they want doesn’t get close to learning what they need. Understanding people’s needs is fundamental to good design. Skilled Design Research to examine why people do and say what they do will reveal the opportunities for a fundamental step change to a design outcome. Observing and discussing people’s needs, those they are aware of and those they aren’t, whilst getting to the depth of the why creates insight that inspires new design concepts which deliver both functional and emotional benefit to consumers. Human centred design puts people, their needs and a deeper understanding of the why at the heart of transformational innovation.

Steve May-Russell, MD & Owner, Smallfry