Designing with dissimilar materials and implications for joining them together

19 October 2021 11:15 - 12:00

In order to optimise a structural design, it is necessary to select the right material in the right place. However, optimising the choices of materials can leave areas of a structure with very different materials needing to be joined together. While the traditional approach of adhesives can very often be helpful there are increasingly varied solution for joining increasingly varied materials. This presentation seeks to broaden the awareness of designers and engineers about the possibilities from a variety of ways of joining dissimilar materials.

5 key learning points:
1. Advances in AI are enabling designers to make better material selections in structural designs
2. The result of AI in material selection can be the need to join very dissimilar materials
3. Adhesives are a powerful solution, but they have generic weaknesses that create design constraints
4. Selecting the right surface preparation process is as important as the right joining technique
5. Joining techniques are now being developed to allow for end of life disassembly.

Dr Ross Minty, Development Engineer, Far Composites

Lyndon Sanders, Director, Far Composites