Advanced Automotive technology and how it’s changing how we think about a resilient vehicle

19 October 2021 14:15 - 15:00

The automotive landscape is evolving with advanced electronic systems affecting from the way a vehicle is driven. This is from how it‘s powered and how it communicates with the driver, to the data that it collects about you, your journey and your driving. Moreover the infrastructure such as smart highways, charging stations and driverless parking is getting more intelligent. This leads to an evolving landscape of risk, being complicated by tightening legislation and requirements not seen before in a motor vehicle. Ultimately this is calling for a significant change in the way risk is quantified and mitigated in the development cycles and is leading to a move away from prescriptive and inflexible validation to a more risk-based scenario that needs earlier consideration in the design process.

Robert Cartwright, Global Solution Leader, HORIBA Mira