Additive Manufacturing 2.0: Accelerating Innovation through the Next Generation of Production

19 October 2021 12:15 - 13:00

For years, additive manufacturing (AM) has transformed product development processes, enabling organizations to maximize operational efficiency and accelerate production. Since the early days of AM, the technology has been mainly used for prototyping, manufacturing aids like jigs & fixtures, and low-volume custom parts. Now, it is poised for yet another revolution. With recent advances in AM, the technology is shifting applications toward full-scale production of end-use parts.
During this session, Matt Jones, senior application engineer at Stratasys, will explore additive manufacturing’s new role in mass production and how it can be used to produce parts on an industrial scale. Additive manufacturing has enabled manufacturers of all sizes to overcome the limitations of traditional processes, creating a more competitive environment and opening up opportunities that were previously unavailable. From prototyping to production, Jones will highlight how AM is currently being used across the various stages of product development to create a more agile, efficient, and innovative process.

Matt Jones, Senior Application Engineer, Stratasys