EMS Proto

EMSPROTO is specialized in PCB assembling.

On our website we have an online instant PCBA  quoting tool to get an instant quote of your PCB, components and assembly labour.

You upload your bom and your gerber files on our website which is connected to supplier’s data base like Farnell, RS, Mouser, Digi Key. Our system checks the components availability and choose the best price for you.

You have a clear vision of the components prices.

Passive components are free of charge!  No tooling charge!

Based in Europe, our factory has the latest SMT and THT automatic assembly line .

We use automatic optical inspection (AOI) and X Ray control in order to get the best quality.

We can assemble any electronic board in quantity from 1 to 50 within 2 to 12 working days, and ship all over the world.

Stand number: J18
Telephone: +33 5 35 54 46 44