NE 12:15 Perforce

12:15 - 13:00

When it comes to project managing methods in engineering design, Agile has been a consistent buzzword. But as Practices, frameworks and certifications continue to evolve, many organizations are adopting various hybrid methods. So how can you best merge classic methodologies with the latest and greatest?
Creating your own "secret sauce" for project management means looking at how your team actually works. This gives you the chance to cherry pick from various methods to manage your team how you want. Learn how to construct (and constantly improve) your approach to maximise productivity. 

During this session delegates will learn how to:

1. Build better products using a combination of project management methods.

2. Separate the mindset of methodology from its practice. 

3. Determine which methods work for your team.

4. Customize your approach to project management.

5. Constantly tweak and improve your plan.

Johan Karlsson, Senior Technical Consultant, Perforce