NE 10:15 Mechatronics Evolution in the Age of Digital Transformation

10:15 - 11:00

Today products go beyond the traditional product usage and are now interconnected and interwoven into our daily lives and activities creating an immersive customer experience.  Creating smart, connected customer experiences is complex, costly and associated with high business risk. This session will focus on technologies for smart and connected products through collaborative mechatronics engineering. One of the key success enablers is the orchestration of software, electronics and mechanical engineering.   

During this session delegates will learn:

1. What it takes to develop a connected customer experience today

2. Solutions to streamline your product development process

3. Trends in disruptive technologies with new challenges to overcome

4. How your business can get started with mechatronics digital transformation

Louis Feinstein, Global Director High Tech Sales, Dassault Systemes