Turn Product into Production

20 October 2021 10:30 - 11:15

Morgan Innovation & Technology Ltd
Our 4-step methodology for success: Innovation-2-Income

As a specialist in the med-tech and commercial space, our experts have leveraged over 30 years of experience to develop our award-winning programme Innovation-2-Income, creating a product pathway fit for the commercial market.   

Innovation-2-Income brings together the four key elements necessary not only to bring a product to market but also to help products thrive and realise their full potential: R&D, Agile Manufacturing, Commercialisation and Funding. In this talk our CEO, Nigel Clarke will cover all aspects of the manufacturing process from design & development to development to final delivery.  Topics discussed will be:

1/ Research & Development: For most innovators, it all starts with R&D.

2/ Manufacturing: A vital component of launching any product.

3/ Commercialisation: From branding & packaging to direct sales &     distribution.

4/ Funding: Without adequate funding, many products don’t make it to market.

About Morgan Innovation & Technology Ltd
Morgan IAT is a multi-award-winning innovation company based in Hampshire, UK,  passionate about innovations that have a positive impact on society. They specialise in taking electronic device products from design and development to manufacturing and commercialisation within the med-tech and commercial sectors.

Morgan IAT was founded in 1987 with a specific focus on Howard Clarke’s innovative design capabilities. In partnership with a GP, Morgan IAT conceived and launched its first radiofrequency lesion generator which was successfully sold into the National Health Service in 1989. Today the business's leadership remains within the Clarke family, with Howard Clarke as Research Director, Sue Clarke as Chairperson and son Nigel Clarke taking over as CEO in 2015.

The businesses’ philosophies of innovation, teamwork and ethical business practices are the cornerstone of Morgan IAT. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and our priority is to get new ideas to market with both parties securing a fair return.

As well as investing around 20% of its annual turnover into research and development, Morgan can assist with innovation funding from a wide variety of sources, from government grants to crowdfunding, angels and VC investors. In our experience, Morgan’s involvement provides investors with increased confidence in the innovators as well as mitigating their own risk.

We have been working in product research and development for over 30 years, for clients who really value not just our knowledge and experience, but also our understanding of the innovator’s journey and our committed partnership approach.

Nigel Clarke, CEO, Morgan Innovation & Technology Ltd