Proactive and reactive design methods to solve Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues: How to avoid, and get you out of trouble when the **** hits the fan!

19 October 2021 10:30 - 11:15

1) Intro, and explaining how failing an EMC test can be catastrophic for product development and launches.
2) What is a failed EMC test, (Such as Radiated emissions in an anechoic chamber). The test method, how results are displayed, and examples of causes.
3) EMC shielding on both board level and enclosure level, how gaps affect results, and how components like external connectors and fans can be protected.
4) Types of PCB filter design to suppress EMC noise (L, C, LC, CL, π, T) .
5) Retrofit a PCB filter to a product design after a failed result has occurred.

Robert John, Webber European Applications Manager, Powell Electronics