Can a Magician Fool a Machine Learning System?

19 October 2021 13:30 - 14:15

Machine Learning (ML)
Looking at machine learning (ML) through the lens of magic, over the next thirty minutes we will investigate some of the moves and combination of moves used for almost 100 years. Considering ML algorithms and creation methodologies, this session will look at those technologies used in recent years in hundreds of applications. The session will explore where and when:
- Can a magician fool an ML/AI system?
-  Can a magician fool an ML/AI system if the magician knows the algorithm?
-  Can an ML/AI system beat a magician?
-  Can an ML/AI system beat a magician if the system knows in advance what moves are used?
-  If a magician repeats a trick enough times, can an ML/AI system learn to beat it?
- If we have a robust system and classic moves, can that be informative and entertaining?

James Twomey, Principal Embedded Solutions Engineer, Microchip/Solid State Supplies